3D action game

House of art is my reaction on the critical political situation
of our faculty. The pronunciation of Czech translation of the word
“House” is “Doom”, so the original Czech title is “Doom umění”
(House of art). It is basically 3D game placed in the interior
of our faculty and the player has the possibility to shoot
professors. The game should serve for both, teachers and students.
The teachers can let steam off in this game and save their real
energy for important work with students. On the other hand,
the students can try out what a difficult task is to manage our faculty.

CD-ROM was created in QuArK 6.2 by editing of Quake 2

Vrátnice na Údolní

Chodba, 1. patro

Richard Fajnor

Tomáš Ruller

Petr Kvíčala, Peter Rónai

Chodba, 1. patro


DOOM Umění